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Reston is a small village of about 200 houses situated in the Eastern Borders area of Scotland; ten miles north of Berwick-upon-Tweed and 47 miles south of Edinburgh it is only a few hundred yards from the main A1 Newcastle to Edinburgh trunk road. Duns the former county town of Berwickshire is some 11 miles west.


Auchencrow is a small village in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, by the Lammermuir range of hills, and to the near by village of Reston. Auchencrow works together with Reston to create Reston & Auchencrow Community Council.

 Auchencrow, a village in the Coldingham parish, Berwickshire, 2 miles WSW of Reston station, and 3 miles NNW of Chirnside.


Our website has the latest news and events for Reston, Auchencrow & neighboring Community Councils.

Check out the events page for posters and more information.

See events page for more.


See the community benefit page

Reston and Auchencrow community council in partnership with Foundation Scotland and Greencoat UK Wind, R.E.S. and S.B.C.

Reston and Auchncrow Community Larder

The Reston and Auchencrow Community Larder is owned and operated by the Community Council Resilient Group.

As from Friday 1st April the Larder will be operating four days a week, Mon,Tues,Wed and Saturday, 11 am until 1 pm.

The 'Community Larder has been operating for nearly two years now and has proven to be very successful. Due to its success and both the present need  and future aspirations for the communities we plan to keep it going for as long as it is supported.

We have signed up to get weekly donations through the 'Fareshare' scheme. This means we will get food twice weekly from supermarkets for the larder. Thanks to your donations the Larder is self sustainable and no additional financial support is required at present, we thank you for your generosity for such a worthwhile cause.

So please use it, it is for All.

Please feel free to donate unwanted foodstuffs, either in the Larder at the rear of the village hall or in Reston Provisions shop, both places have donation boxes.

More information is on the Facebook page and here on the Resilient Page.

Reston and Auchencrow community larder

Flag Flying dates 

Yesterday the union flag was raised for the proclamation for King Charles the third, today 11/09/2022 the flag was lowered in mourning for Queen Elizabeth. The flag will remain at half-mast until the 20th of September, the day after the royal funeral.

You will have seen the Ukraine flag flying these last few days, this was purchased by a resident to show the support for the families and people of Ukraine during this difficult time.

Reston has its very own flagpole at the heart of the village.

Here we fly the flags of the four countries as well as memorable flags for commemoration as well as celebration. We also fly flags on special days, i.e. The Norfolk flag, on Norfolk day, the Jolly Roger for Reston Fete,  as well as others. If you would like us to fly a flag of your choosing we will consider upon you supplying the flag.-contact us-

 From end of September there will be no flags flying due to winter weather.

 We will fly the Saltire 31st-1st-2nd January for New Year and again for Burns Night 24th-25th-26th January.

March we only fly Welsh flag for St. David’s day   1st-2nd-3rd...Then on 16th-17th -18th we fly the Irish flag for St Patrick's Day. In November we will fly the Saltire for St Andrew's Day, 29th,30th and 1st December.

 Apart from those days no other flag fly’s until End of March, that’s when we get back to Monthly National flags flying.

April will be the union flag then on 22nd-23rd-24th April we fly St Georges English flag. Normal Flying after that.


last updated - 02/12/2022
News and Information site for Reston & Auchencrow


Village Hall Events 


Reston and Auchencrow holds its monthly meetings in Reston Village Hall every third Monday of the month at 7 PM, except August and December. Members of the public are welcome to attend.


Community council next meeting 

Monday 16th January.



Events page. Christmas Carols- check out the Events page for the poster.


Many Thanks to the Reston cafe for their very kind donation to the Reston Riverside.


Railway Station

Some new drone footage added of the completed station. See the station page.


Reston cafe, 

This Friday the 'yummy mummies' are baking again for us all. See the Events page for poster. 


Village hall.

Online digital workshop, see village hall page.


Community Council. On the 17th of October the community council councillors All resign, they have served their four-year term. Please look at the community council page for more information.


Events page.

check out the page for updates.


Reston cafe, In aid of Mcmillan Cancer support Friday 30th.  


Events page, check it out -New events coming soon.


Playpark update

Check out the page for the new signage at the entrance to the playpark.


Playpark Update 

Wow what a day, have a look at the Opening ceremony.on the Playpark page.


Village hall-

Minutes added.


Playpark update.

The Playpark is complete and being well used now-Great.

The official opening will take place on Saturday 20th August. 2pm. See the latest Drone footage on the Playpark page.


Railway station.

The official opening of the station is to take place on Thursday 28th at 11am. See railway station page for more information..


Playpark update.

Finnally we have made contact with the Bam Nuttall representative with an update on the fencing required for the park. This is to be carried out urgently.


Thanks for all those people that turned out today, with loads of litter collected today . Making our steets clean. Check out the picture of the helpers, On the Events page.


Reston getting ready for the official opening of the station. Helping hands needed- Litter pick. Check out the events page.


Railway Station

Check out the train!

Events page, lots of planned events for this year still to come.

Village hall

Up and coming events, check out the page.


Village hall

New documents uploaded.


Gallery Page, updated with some of the pictures taken over the Jubilee weekend.


Events page

Poster advertising Auchencrow village Jubilee celebrations.


Gallery page

Rainbow Club celebratory Tea.

Events page

Added Games night in the Craw Inn.


Events page 

Macmillan COFFEE morning on the 18th June.


Events page updated, Platinum Jubilee.


Railway Station, Well today must be a day for the history books, TransPennineExpress being the first train to stop at the newly built station. See some special pictures on the Railway page.


Railway Station update.

Check out the webpage for an update received from Network Rail, tonight.


Railway Station, New drone footage taken today, landscaping in progress.

Events page, Defib familiarisation. training.


Railway Station, road layout all complete with the first train stopping on the 23rd May.


Railway station , more video's and photo updates.


Riverside News, check out the page for a family Quiz.

Railway station, see new drone footage and announcement by Transport Scotland.

Playpark see page for update. 

Reston cafe, Next one 29th April.


Playpark getting there, see the New9

Just a quick update on the Playpark, work was on hold for a few days due to staff shortages and a missing slide, all have returned and the start of the Wetpour took place today. See the pictures on the Playpark page.


Lovely sunny day for some Drone footage of the Railway station lift Towers. 


Work is progressing well on both building sites- Railway station and the PLaypark. See the latest pictures.

23rd Concrete pouring in the playpark today.


Wow!, check out the Playpark page. Work has started on the £100,000 Park. To be the best in Berwickshire as chosen by YOU and the children of the communities. Now into the second week, looking good.


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