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Reston and Auchncrow Community Larder

The Reston and Auchencrow Community Larder is owned and operated by the Community Council Resilient Group.

The Larder has no affiliations with the village hall other than as patrons.

The 'Community Larder has been operating for over a year now and has proven to be very successful. Due to its success and both the present need  and future aspirations for the communities we plan to keep it going for as long as it is supported.

We have signed up to get weekly donations through the 'Fare share' scheme. This means we will get food twice weekly from supermarkets for the larder. there will be a small cost to the community council to be a member of the scheme, but we hope that this will be worthwhile for the communities.

So please use it, it is for All.

Please feel free to donate also, either in the Larder at the rear of the village hall or in Reston Provisions shop, both places have donation boxes.

More information is on the Facebook page and here on the Resilient Page.

Reston and Auchencrow community larder

Flag Flying dates 

Reston has its very own flagpole at the heart of the village.

Here we fly the flags of the four countries as well as memorable flags for commemoration as well as celebration. We also fly flags on special days, i.e. The Norfolk flag, on Norfolk day, the Jolly Roger for Reston Fete,  as well as others. If you would like us to fly a flag of your choosing we will consider upon you supplying the flag.-contact us-

 From end of September there will be no flags flying due to winter weather.

 We will fly the Saltire 31st-1st-2nd January for New Year and again for Burns Night 24th-25th-26th January.

March we only fly Welsh flag for St. David’s day   1st-2nd-3rd...Then on 16th-17th -18th we fly the Irish flag for St Patrick's Day. In November we will fly the Saltire for St Andrew's Day, 29th,30th and 1st December.

 Apart from those days no other flag fly’s until End of March, that’s when we get back to Monthly National flags flying.

April will be the union flag then on 22nd-23rd-24th April we fly St Georges English flag. Normal Flying after that.


    last updated - 03/01/2022
    News and Information site  for Reston & Auchencrow


    See the Playpark Update

    Village Hall Events 


    Reston and Auchencrow holds its monthly meetings in Reston Village Hall every third Monday of the month at 7 PM, except August and December. Members of the public are welcome to attend.


    Community council next meeting 

    The Council has advised All community councils, that no meetings in public should take place until March at the earliest.



    Coronavirus (covid-19)

    Please see any updates and additional information on the Resilient Communities page.



    trains stoping at Reston in December!

    Railway station update. 

    Construction ongoing, full steam ahead, see pictures and latest drone footage.


    Well it's been a while since we updated the page, we apologise for that, but due to hurricane winds, power loss and then floooding to follow, we've been kind of busy !

    On a good note we've seen some really great Christmas lights on display throughout the village, a good hearted gesture by some ladies that dropped off Woolly sheep on peoples doorsteps and gates, with competitions from the Riverside people to keep both adults and children busy before Christmas, with their Elves quiz. Today we received the latest Drone footage of the New Railway station, work has been progressing well, check out the Railway station page.

    Whats happening this year! 

    Reston Playpark - work is planned to start on the 14th January, YES very soon- it is hoped it will be work completed within 10 to 14 days all going well, we will keep you updated.

    Reston is a small village of about 200 houses situated in the Eastern Borders area of Scotland; ten miles north of Berwick-upon-Tweed and 47 miles south of Edinburgh it is only a few hundred yards from the main A1 Newcastle to Edinburgh trunk road. Duns the former county town of Berwickshire is some 11 miles west.


    Auchencrow is a small village in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, by the Lammermuir range of hills, and to the near by village of Reston. Auchencrow works together with Reston to create Reston & Auchencrow Community Council.

     Auchencrow, a village in the Coldingham parish, Berwickshire, 2 miles WSW of Reston station, and 3 miles NNW of Chirnside.


    Our website has the latest news and events for Reston, Auchencrow & neighboring Community Councils.

    Check out the events page for posters and more information.

    See events page for more.


    See the community benefit page

    Reston and Auchencrow community council in partnership with Foundation Scotland and Greencoat UK Wind, R.E.S. and S.B.C.


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