Our Community Council.


Welcome to your Community Council. We work on behalf of the Community to represent the interests and communicate the views of the people of the Reston and Auchencrow area to other agencies. We meet every month to discuss any problems arising for the people of the area and we provide a forum for discussing key issues we face. In practice this means we liaise on a continuous basis on your behalf with organisations, such as Scottish Borders Council and Police Scotland.

When does the Community Council meet?
Who are my Scottish Borders Council Community Councillors?

On the Third Monday of every month, Except, August and December. Reston and Auchencrow Community Council meets to discuss the latest matters concerning Reston and Auchencrow. All meetings are open and welcome for the public to attend.

Who are my Reston and Auchencrow Community Councillors?

The community votes for representatives on the Reston and Auchencrow Community Council. Elected representatives then work hard to represent the community of Reston & Auchencrow and work in liaison with organisations such as Police Scotland, Scottish Water and Scottish Borders Council.

                           Your Community Councillors are:

On the 17th of October the community council councillors step down after serving their four-year term. The council will be reformed in November, with its newly elected councillors forming the New community council.



 Auchencrow                   ___

Scottish Borders Councillors are elected by you, the local community, to represent both the public interest and individuals in their ward. They are responsible for making decisions about local services on your behalf. They attend meetings, support the local community and establish links with local organisations and campaigns.

If you wish to become a community Councillor you must:
  • be a resident of the community council area and

  • be on the Electoral Register.


Then you need to stand for election in a community council election. Becoming a temporary member to work on a specific project or to fill a vacancy may also be an option. Each community council must hold an election at least once every four years, giving new members the opportunity to join.

Presently there is vacancies for both Reston and Auchencrow, if you would like to consider representing your community, Please see notice below.

How do I join my Community Council?

Community council assets.

The Community Council owns various pieces of Equipment that are free to borrow for the communities.

Below is a list of all the equipment that is available in the attached document.

Please note, whilst we dont charge for the use of this equipment, we would consider a small donation that can be put towards the upkeep of the equipment. 

Your local councillors

  • Ward: East Berwickshire

  • Party: Independent

  • Contact details

  • Scottish Borders Council
    Council HQ
    Newtown St. Boswells
    Melrose, TD6 0SA

  • Telephone: 01835 826565 (Members' Services)

  • Email: James.Anderson2@scotborders.gov.uk