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The Play park has a New Facebook page click here for updates.

Below you will one of two signs placed at the entrance gates to the playpark.

As the community council co-owns the playpark with Scottish Borders Council, we have created rules for the usage of the park. Please adhere to the signage.

Well Finally the day arrived - where we can celebrate over two years of planning, funding and umpteen email exchanges and phone calls. The park was officially opened today by one of the oldest residents of Reston Jim Hardie. We thought it pertinent to have one of the older generation alllow access to the younger generation. 

Thanks to so many people today in helping us celebrate this event, the first in the Borders.

Thanks to the Village Hall committee and the community council in providing the hospitality, the cakes, the hotdogs, (not forgetting the candyfloss) and sausage rolls. We also had a visit from the Kompan Representative and is family, trying it out!

This park was the brainchild of Kerry Simmonds, not long after being newly elected as a community councillor to Reston and Auchencrow community council, Kerry came up with the idea to replace the old tired looking playpark. It was her persistance and perseverance that we are here today. A special thanks goes to Kerry.

Apologies for the sound quality of this video.

Below is drone footage of the completed playpark.

Already widely used.

The Official Opening is to be at 2 pm on Saturday 20th August. Check out the Facebook page for more details.


Sorry as we have no real update, still waiting on Bam Nuttall to erect the fence, Kompan to return and adjust some minor faults and for me to get in there and cut the jungle of grass.


Just an update on the Playpark and where we are: Presently waiting for the inspection of comformity to be carried out by Kompan, the installer. We are also waiting on Bam Nuttall the contractor responsible for the building of the railway station, they are to erect a fence surrounding the playpark, to make it safe for the users.

We asked Kompan if we could keep the wire fence up and allow the children to use the park in the meantime, however this wire fence is not suitable and cannot be used. So we await Bam Nuttall fulfilling their promise to the community !

We will keep you all posted as and when we hear anything.

Drone footage taken Monday 21st March. 

Here you will see the Toddler area nearly all complete with a little tweaking to finish off. Big kids play area awaiting delivery tomorrow of wood chip. More Pictures to follow.

A toddlers viewpoint of the playpark.


Base coat complete, weather permitting coloured patterns and top coat on tomorrow.

16/03/2022 Slide arrived for toddler area, with the zone prepared for Wetpour.


What a difference a week makes. All bar one structures in place, awaiting a missing part. Then the toddler area will be ready for the colourful wet pour.

An aerial view of one fantastic park in the making.

Concrete pouring in progress today 23rd.

20/02/2022 So week two now completed, look and see whats been done, looking good. Holes all dug ready for concrete pour. Hopefully that will be done this coming week.

After less than a week, see what Kompan has achieved - impressive. 11/02/2022

Work started yesterday Tuesday 08/02/2022.

Kompan arrived on site to erect the protective fencing and today machinery arrived to prepare the groundworks.

See the picture below and comeback for more each day hopefully.

We have now received confirmation from Kompan the playpark designer and fitter, that they plan to be on site on the 14th January 2022 to start installing the New playpark. We had hoped we could have had it built before Santa came, but several restrictions have put us back a little. All the more excitement to wait for.

Just to remind everyone, the pictures below are our draft plan of what will be in the New Play Park.

We are there, we have finally secured all the funding now for the playpark to be ordered. Thanks to Reston and Auchencrow Community Council 'Wish List' committee and RES community benefit fund, we are in the process of ordering the playpark- keep on following this page as time moves.


At the Special additional meeting of the Scottish Borders Council 'Community Fund' Reston Playpark application was heard by the members. A decision was taken to approve our application and grant the request for £10,000 to go towards the building of the New Playpark.

 Some good news - Reston Playpark has received a grant from Foundation Scotland Greencoat Energy ltd (Drone Hill wind farm) for the sum of £10,000, also through Foundation Scotland an anonymous donation of £8,000- Great News.  

The Family Fun Quiz went down a storm with a really good attendance. Thank you to all that attended, we hope you and your families enjoyed it.

We managed to raise £162.00 to go towards the PlayPark. 

A big thank you to the organisers and helpers.

Below is a couple of pictures, teams hard at work concentrating ! 

Case for support for Reston’s play park for All


Reston and Auchencrow community council have been established since 1973.

As well as representing the community to the local authority, Community Councils facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of their communities. They bring local people together to help make things happen, and many Community Councils protect and promote the identity of their community. (2020)

As part of our yearly activities we like to get the whole community together to showcase the work that we have achieved both past and present for everyone to see and we ask the community for new ideas and improvements they would like to see in their village.

In 2019 the village expressed concern for the state of the current play area and the poor state of the equipment, they questioned its suitability for the children in the village and surrounding areas, particularly younger children and those with limited ability. From this first consultation the community council began work towards improving the current play park.


Vision & mission statement

The Reston and Auchencrow community council aim to provide a play park in the village that is accessible to children of all ages and abilities.

To achieve this the community council has worked with the local community and professional play park designers to design a park that meets the needs and requirements of the local people. The community council is working together with Scottish Borders Council (SBC) to ensure the projects sustainability.


Goals and objectives

In order to put New equipment on the site of the old play park in Ladeside, Reston, the Community council has had to seek consent from the landowners SBC. SBC have been very supportive of the project and are working with us to draw up a lease for the land over a period of 10 years. SBC have agreed to clear the site of the old play equipment to keep our costs down.

Play park designers have been contacted and designs drawn up based on the equipment suggested by members of the village and surrounding areas. A public consultation evening was arranged for members of the public to view the designs and ask any questions. A new design was agreed on via a voting system where each person was given a piece of paper to write down the play park of their choice and this was placed in a box. Votes were taken over a period of 1 week with park designs on display in the window of the village shop to ensure maximum participation.

With the play park design taken care of and a total cost identified the next stage of the project is to secure funding.

The community council will be seeking funding through various sources including: local grant schemes and a range of planned activities in the village throughout the year.

To ensure that the public are kept up to date with the progress of the project the community council have developed a website with links to their own site for ease of access and a social media group will continuously update their progress on Facebook.

Features and Benefits

Playgrounds provide multisensory experiences that help to build children’s brains more quickly. Specific developmental skills that kids explore when at play include:

  • Sensory Visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular

  • MotorFine (hands and fingers), agility, balance, endurance, muscle coordination, eye-hand coordination

  • StrengthUpper and lower body, core, cardiovascular

  • CognitiveProblem solving, strategic planning, language, literacy


Play teaches children social skills: how to share fairly, to play cooperatively, and to collaborate as part of a group. Parks that employ the principles of inclusive play park design create a space that intentionally provides opportunities for every visitor to have a successful experience, regardless of age and abilities. These embracing play environments help kids learn to accept and tolerate differences while valuing diversity and demonstrating compassion.

Community play parks provide great opportunities for parents to bond with children in a physically engaging way that shared digital or TV time can’t.

Community playgrounds create a relaxed space in which residents can connect and interact. New friendships are formed, and a sense of community develops that’s important for good mental health and a feeling of belonging

Public parks are good for your local economy. The value of residential properties immediately adjacent to parks can increase as much as 20 percent.

Time in nature is a powerful mood-booster and mental-health tonic. Numerous studies show how valuable green spaces are for reducing stress and increasing happiness. Even just 10 minutes spent in a park enhances your sense of wellness, lowers the stress hormone cortisol and strengthens your immune system.

Play parks have been shown to significantly improve the physical and mental health of a community’s citizens of all ages, making them a cornerstone for improved quality of life. (2018)


Finances and timing

The total cost of the proposed play park design is £72,647


Funding source                    Amount requested                  Stage

Reston & Auchencrow                    £10,500                          Confirmed

community council


National Lottery                              £10,000                          Confirmed


Foundation Scotland                      £10,000                          Confirmed


Community fund                             £10,000                          Confirmed


Viridor                                               £25,000                           Application unsuccesful

LNER                                                 £25,000                           Application unsuccesful


Anonymous donation                     £8,000                             Confirmed

Reston & Auchencrow                    £25,000                          Confirmed

community council

'Wish List'Fund

The community council have planned a range of activities throughout the year for the local community to be involved directly in the fundraising.

Event                                              Date                                     Amount Raised

Christmas fair                              28/11/19                                          £65

Community café

sponsored event.                        31/01/20                                        £305


Family fun Quiz                            29/02/20                                        £162


Family Fun Day                             July 2021                                        £239


Race night                                     To be arranged


Auction                                          To be arranged

                                                                                 TOTAL TO DATE £ 74,271 

The plan for the work in the Park to be undertaken is quite ambitious and is largely dependent on funding sources and coordination and communication with Scottish Borders Council. We would hope that we would be able to commence work at the end of October 2021 at the earliest with the Park being completed by the end of December 2021 at the latest. 

Due to Covid the timings and planning went right out of the window and matters focussing on other issues, BUT now we are back and have secured All the funding needed. SBC have been informed and they have removed the swings and see-saw and rocking chair prior to removal of all the equipment. Once all the equipment has been removed, Kompan can start installing the NEW playpark.

We will keep you informed as matters and things move closer to the playpark nears its completion, expected before the end of the year.

Governance and Staffing

The play park team includes:

Kerry Simmonds                            (RACC member) Project leader.    

Jan Stringer                                     (RACC member)

Rob Robertson                               (RACC member and chair of “wish list”)

Logan Inglis                                     (RACC secretary/ treasurer)

Barrie Forrest                                 (RACC chairperson)

Julie Gregory                                   (RACC member)

Anne Barrett                                  (chairperson of Reston village hall)




Existing support and testimonials

So far, the play park project received unanimous support from the community council who were able to provide the first £10,500. £10,000 from the ‘Wish List Fund’ and a further £500 from the community council administration account, this has enabled the project to begin.

Reston Primary school and nursery has been very supportive of the project and has assisted us by taking part in surveys with the children to help decide on the types of play equipment the children would like to play and interact upon. Supported by head teacher Jill Horsburgh who has been happy to stand as a referee for funding applications.

The parent council has taken an active role in our group and provides regular links with the primary school and nursery, keeping every one up to date with our progress. Chairperson Jo moulin has organised some of the events planned for throughout the year as fundraisers and plans to involve the school as much as possible throughout our journey.

Our village shop has been fantastic support, in advertising our events and assisting us in gathering information and votes from the public on the type of play park they wanted.

The village hall committee have supported the play park by providing the hall for the show case event and donating £25 at the Christmas fair as well as advertising and supporting our events through their website/Facebook page and notice boards.

The Community council would like to thank the members of the public who have been involved with us from the early stages, from identifying the need for a new park, through to the planning and sharing of ideas.

Key facts and figures

Last year Scottish Borders council published a document outlining several parks across the borders marked for closure, a number of these are in the Berwickshire area.

Although our park was not to be closed it was made clear that there were limited resources available and so any upgrades or new equipment would not be done in the foreseeable future. As the current play park is over 40 years old with outdated equipment and some of this in poor repair we are at a stage where we may lose some of the play equipment in the park which will not be replaced. The current play equipment offers only a limited number of children with the ability to use it, numbers using the park have depleted over the past few years. Many children are remaining at home on computers and tablets and spending more time on phones and in front of screens and not outside making use of the park.

Thankyou the Play park Team

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