As the Community council recieves updates we will publish here.

Work started at the beginning of January and has been all steam ahead!

Bam Nuttall arrived on site and quickly set up camp. The first part of the journey was to create a car park for the workers followed by numerous tons of top soil removal. Already the embankment steps are in position, taking the workers to the top. A good liaison has been established by the workforce and local residents, One comment I received from the workforce was "people here are very friendly, Ive been offered cups of tea". The workman was on duty to escort vehicles to and from site.

The old Mart entrance.
Top soil removal in progress, soon that train will be stopping here!



Just an update, the open show case event went well with quite a few people attending, comments were noted from all and were part of the submission compiled by the community council, this was sent to SBC planning department on Sunday 15th November, it can be viewed here. 

On the 01 October the planning application for the New Reston railway station was submitted to Scottish Borders Council planning portal.

You can view and comment on the planning application here- on the application reference box, type in the application number- 20/01133/FUL  then select search. 

The community council hopes to have available the full application to present to the public,

at present due to Covid-19 restrictions this is proving difficult, once we can provide a safe method incorporating all the latest guidelines, we will make the public aware.  

Today 27/08/2020 residents of Reston village and surrounding villages should have received a letter outlining Network Rail's proposal for their planning application.  In the letter is details of the planning application and details of a newly created website for the station, this can be accessed here.



Have  look at the visualisation on the Location & Site Access page, this is an interpretation of what the station might look like.


Thursday 23/07/20-An online meeting was held today with questions asked which have been raised by the local communities. See below for synopsis of the meeting.

Reston Station Network Rail

 Microsoft meeting

Held 23/07/2020

Present Derek Christie (Network Rail), Allan Brooking (Community Liaison Manager), Nicola Slaven (Planning Officer Network Rail) Barrie Forrest (Chairman R.A.G.E.S. & Reston and Auchencrow community council) Logan Inglis (Secretary Reston and Auchencrow community council).


Below is a list of questions raised at the meeting from Barrie and Logan to the other members.


Proposed timeline-due to the present conditions it cannot be ‘hard & Fast’ but it is proposed to have the design submitted to scottish Borders Council planning for mid-August 2020, with a 16-week consultation period. Presently two studies are awaited before the planning submission, an Ecology study on Bats and a Flood risk study. Once these have been completed Network Rail will submit the planning application.

It is hoped to have a website created in this time where details of the planning application can be viewed and commented on. Once present conditions allow further public engagement will be carried out.

A proposed completion date for the construction is December 2021 all going well but may go into 2022.


Car park i.e. size capacity, discussion on the size of the car park, this was mentioned as previous designs were of a car park to take a capacity of 200 cars, presently the design is siting a capacity of circa 70. The new design will be in the region of 70 vehicles but there is sufficient land  being purchased to incorporate the 200 capacity as originally intended should the need arise.

Electric charging points: this was raised and inline with government policy, electric charging points will be installed.

Toilet facilities: there is no plans to install toilets at the station, this would need to be taken up via Scottish Borders Council, as they see this is, as an unmanned station, this is not policy for toilets to be installed.

Ingress and egress points to the station, major concern: The question was raised with a view to a site meeting to best explain and demonstrate the ongoing problem within the village of traffic flow, Reston main street is linear in design and has historically suffered from traffic flow due to the ‘Bottleneck’ near to the local shop, with an increase in ‘On Street’ parking. With envisaged increase in traffic flow, the proposed station access from the B6438 will exacerbated the traffic problem further.                                                                                                                                                                                     A proposed roundabout is to be included to the design for access to the station car park, this will be near to the existing access road to ‘The Orchard’ road, ‘The Orchard’ road will be closed off from its existing access point and access to ‘The Orchard’ will be via a new road running parallel to it.

Further questions were raised as to why the railway ‘Underpass’ was not used in the design, the ‘Underpass’ was not used as this was not suitable for safety concerns primarily because of the existing farm vehicle traffic and present pedestrian use.

Two lifts are to be installed, these are to be the first ones in the UK of this design, to be installed at Reston and East Linton stations. To be more suitable for disabled users.


Meeting concluded.

Friday 28/02/2020- Allan Brooking from Network Rail attended the Reston café, Allan is the Community liaison officer for Reston station. Today he listened to local residents views and suggestions on Reston station. Some of the community council members took Allan around Reston showing the layout of the area.

Some of the concerns raised today were highlighted to Allan, one point raised was the 'car park' the screening request sates the car park to have spaces for 70 cars, in previous documents, this was believed to be in the region of 140 spaces- ample room for expansion. We do not want to see a problem created by lack of parking as already experienced in both Berwick and Dunbar, while we have the room, lets use it.

Another point was Not to use 'The Orchard' road as an access/egress route, this is to preserve neighbour privacy and congestion problems.

Alternate routes were discussed with access/egress routes via the B6437 road (Chirnside road) and the old Mart entrance.

The installation of Electric vehicle charging points in the car park.

All these points were raised today and Allan is to feedback to Network Rail.

Allan commented on the friendly and welcoming people of Reston- a credit to the residents.



Today (25th Feb ) we learned of a planning submission to Scottish Borders Council planning page.

Network Rail has requested a 'Screening Opinion', requesting the views of the council planning department pertaining to Reston station.

Below is the documents submitted by Network Rail.

You can also view these and any future documents via the shortcut here. Type in 20/00215/SCR in the application box.


Received today 31/01/20

Network Rail intend to submit their planning application in late Spring 2020 for Reston and winter 2020 for East Linton  but in advance of this are already collating the information to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening, as the first stage in the planning application process.


I’ll be able to provide you with a construction date for each of the stations once the designs for the stations are further advanced.  However, Markle level crossing needs to be upgraded before East Linton station can open.  These works are currently scheduled for 2022.


Network Rail are progressing with a communications plan for both stations following the appointment of their community representative.  I’ve asked Network Rail to consider the optimum way to keep both residents and RAGES informed of progress including face to face meetings.  Is it ok if I pass your contact details onto the Network Rail team to liaise over possible dates?


Ground investigation works at both Reston and East Linton are due to start next week.

Rail Technical Services

Rail Directorate
T: 0141 272 7490

BlackBerry: 07825175193

Update January 2020 

Network Rail, with their designer, are progressing with the designs for both stations. A holistic approach is being taken to the design of the station ensuring that the end to end journey undertaken by passengers is considered and reflected in the design.  This includes consideration of the appropriate means of access for passengers.  Network Rail have asked their designer to identify as a priority whether ramped access to the platforms would be compliant with industry standards and negotiable for individuals with reduced mobility, using a common sense approach.  Transport Scotland has asked Network Rail to consider the use of lifts as part of this work.


Network Rail intend to submit their planning application in late Spring 2020 but in advance of this are already collating the information to undertake an Environmental Impact Assememnt (EIA), as the first stage in the planning application process.


Network Rail’s contractor will provide a dedicated communications representative for the two new stations and community liaison will begin in earnest in early spring. Project information will be shared, and feedback sought through community/ public events. The project will also take the opportunity to visit nearby primary schools and inform pupils of the planning and work involved in building a new station in their community. STEM ambassadors will engage with pupils to teach youngsters all about the railway and the importance of STEM subjects which are needed for the next generation of railway workers.  If you know of any community/public events where it would be useful for project representatives to attend as the project progresses and more information is available, do let me know.


Transport Scotland is engaging with the East Coast Event Steering Group (ECESG) to identify opportunities to provide an acceptable timetable for potential passengers while understanding the potential service conflicts, franchise commitments and operator aspirations.   Commercial discussions have commenced with the train operating companies regarding providing this timetable for the stations.


Network Rail’s contractor BAM Ritchies are expected to be visiting Reston and East Linton tomorrow with a view to assessing the sites, before firming up their site investigation/ ground investigation price.





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