On the 28th January ITV television cameras paid a visit to Reston Station to talk to the community, see below for video.

Reston Station Signalbox.

Reston Station Platform.

Reston Station how it was.

Reston Station 1908


RAGES in upping their campaign to get the stations reopened have been displaying banners in and around Reston-see above.

The community council working in partnership with RAGES recently wrote to the Transport Minister. below is the reply received.

Dear Mr J. Logan Inglis,

Thank you for your email of 1 1 November 2018 to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport,

Infrastructure and Connectivity, highlighting the commitment made by Mr Yousaf to deliver Reston and East Linton stations as early as practicable during Control Period 6 (CP6). As such matters are delegated to Transport Scotland, the Cabinet Secretary has asked me to reply.

As you note, the previous Minister for Transport and The Islands, Humza Yousaf, agreed that the stations will be delivered in CP6 (2019-24). Funding was also agreed as East Lothian and Scottish Borders Councils were unable to increase their funding contribution for the stations. Therefore, the Minister for Transport agreed to increase the government's offer to an unprecedented 60% in late 2016. As there still remained a shortfall it has since been agreed with both councils that the Scottish Government would ensure funding for Reston and East Linton Stations is made available.

Subsequently, sponsorship for the stations has now fallen to Transport Scotland who, together with Network Rail, are progressing delivery of the stations as a key element of the wider programme of works to enhance capacity on the East Coast Main-Line (ECML) in CP6.

Transport Scotland has provided a remit for Reston and East Linton stations and Network Rail is currently working on detailed designs and delivery timescales. Further detail on the progress of both stations will be made available after the outcome of this study in the coming months.

As I am sure you can appreciate, due to these stations being part of this bigger package of work no specific date can be given within the Control Period at this stage. Nonetheless, please let me assure you that it is Transport Scotland's ambition to have Reston and East Linton stations built as early as practicable in CP6 and commitment to that objective is unwavering. Furthermore, I can confirm that there has been no unnecessary delay to the progress of the stations to date.

Scottish Government fully recognises the opportunities, such as those highlighted in your letter, which Reston and East Linton stations can bring to the local community and regional economy. This is why it is important that we are working closely with East Lothian and Scottish Borders

Scottish Government na h-Alba

councils to ensure transport connectivity to the new stations from the local and surrounding areas, aiming to deliver the rail infrastructure to meet the needs of the local communities.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to raise this matter and I hope that my letter gives you confidence that the Scottish Government are fully committed to delivering Reston and East Linton stations as early as practicable during CP6 2019-2024, as previously committed.

Yours sincerely,


Calum Campbell

Rail Policy Correspondence Officer

AGM September 

The AGM was well attended with many local residents attending, MP John Lamont and MSP Paul Wheelhouse were also in attendance, unfortunately the guest speakers were unable to attend due to adverse weather conditions and no Trains running! Their presentation was read out reiterating that the trains stations at Reston and East Linton will be built in CP6 between 2019 and 2024, basically stating what they have been saying all along - that the stations will be built but they are not willing to commit to an actual date.

following on from the meeting RAGES released a press release- see below.



Chairman of Rail Action Group East of Scotland (RAGES), Tom Thorburn, has accused the Scottish Government of playing “Pass the Parcel” with a decision on when the promised new stations at East Linton and Reston will actually open.

“We have been campaigning for these stations to open for nearly 20 years” he said to a packed audience in Reston Village Hall for RAGES’ Annual General Meeting on Wednesday night. “We have been shunted from one Transport Minister to another with delaying tactics from each so that no firm decision is taken when our new stations will happen.”

Tom described how in 2011 Stewart Stevenson MSP, the then Transport Minister, had confirmed to him that a second Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) 2 would not be required as the case for the Edinburgh to Berwick Local Service with re-opened Stations at East Linton was so strong. A previous study has been carried out in 2005 under Nicol Stephen MSP.  Instead only a Rail based study was required and this was duly carried out. The next Minister, Keith Brown, then shocked RAGES by stating that he required a STAG2 to be carried out with consequent delays until funding was made available for it. Keith Brown did at the time, give RAGES a letter stating the Stations would be open by December 2016.

The fourth Minister, Derek Mackay, then stated that wouldn’t happen until a detailed costing of the Stations had been carried out by Network Rail. RAGES queried this as the STAG2 already showed the costings of the Stations. Humza Yousaf then came into office and succeeded in getting the stations into Network Rail’s planned work schedule, Control Period 2019-24. “There is now a sixth Transport Minister, Michael Matheson”, said Tom, “and when I tried to make an appointment to see him, his staff told me his diary was full.  We have no way of knowing when our stations will happen – will it be by 2024 or will they drop off Network Rail’s agenda altogether?  It seems that it is a “pass the parcel” exercise from one Minister to the next and East Linton and Reston stations are not seen as a high priority project by the Scottish Government”.

JULY 2018 

Rages  have written to the new Transport Minister  Michael Matheson MSP , requesting an early meeting 

Rages will be asking to make sure the opening of Reston and East Linton Stations

will be opened early in CP6 as stated by Humza Yousaf MSP when he was Transport Minister



CONCESSIONARY FARES                    16/03/2018


RAGES has been alerted to the fact that East Lothian Council are following the lead of other Councils in abolishing their rail concessionary fares scheme from May.


Rail Action Group, East of Scotland


 Rail Action Group East of Scotland


Reston and Auchencrow Community Council are Members of Rail Action Group East of Scotland (Rages)


Rail Action Group East of Scotland, Rages, was formed in 1999 has around 170 members includingCommunity Councils, The Aims of Rages are to improve the Rail Service between Edinburgh, Dunbar and Berwick-upon-Tweed and to have East Linton and Reston Stations re-opened. Also improve the level of service to North Berwick and to have the Branch line from Longniddry to Haddington re-opened, Local MSP’s and East Lothian Council. Scottish Borders Council, and South East Scotland transport are supporting Rages in there aims to have a Local Edinburgh to Berwick Rail Service and the re-opening of East Linton and Reston Stations


You can obtain all the latest news on Rages website:  


Reston station


Some of the RAGES committee have met representatives of ScotRail and Network
Rail. Present were Iain Wilson of ScotRail, Nigel Wunsch and Claire
Bhugowandeen of Network Rail, Alex Macaulay of SEStran and MSPs Iain Gray
and Paul Wheelhouse.

Phil Verster, Managing Director for the Abellio ScotRail/Network Rail
Alliance in Scotland, had also intended to be present, but due to other
company business, both Nigel and Iain gave his apologies.


The main topic on the agenda was the progress of East Linton and Reston
stations.  Claire Bhugowandeen is Network Rail's sponsor for East Linton and
Reston development and is working closely with her client,  Alex Macaulay of
SEStran, to develop the outline design for the new stations.

This outline design includes the stations and associated car parks and roads
as well their impact on the existing rail infrastructure.  She noted that
both councils have earmarked sites for the new stations.

The design report would also include costings and timescales for the

It is hoped that the existing underpasses at the two stations will be able
to be utilised as the means for accessing both platforms.

The current programme is:

. End of July 2015 - an interim report giving preliminary costings for
SEStran and the councils to discuss.

. November 2015 - final costings to be given to allow the clients to decide
whether to proceed or not.  If so, then an updated submission would be made
to the Scottish Government's Station Investment Fund.

. February 2016 - outline design completed such that Network Rail can tender
for the contract to produce a detailed design and build.

. April 2016 - at this time there would be sufficient information for
planning consent to be submitted to the councils.

. Spring 2016 - SEStran and Network Rail would be available to engage with
the public via local presentations.

Whilst we thought that station building was an easy task to fulfil, Claire
highlighted a couple of examples of infrastructure "problems" that had to be
analysed and solutions found:

. At the site of the old Reston there are neutral sections in the overhead
line equipment which trains must pass under power.

. At East Linton, the proposed station site is within the range of Markle
Level Crossing when a train triggers the crossing to close to road traffic.

Other points raised:

. Station platform lengths are to be built to accommodate 4-car sets

. No passing loops at Reston are currently envisaged.

. Already highlighted as general route constraints on the ECML are the lack
of a down platform at Dunbar which necessitates north-bound trains crossing
the south-bound line to stop at Dunbar and the Portobello East Junction
where the Borders Railway and Millerhill Depot join the ECML.  It was noted
that both of these are currently separate projects which are being worked on
to advise the Scottish Government.

The final date for implementation of the local service and re-opened
stations is still December 2018, but is was noted that earlier opportunities
could arise if the project was completed early at timetable changes in May
or December.


Time was running out at the meeting, but Iain Wilson responded to questions
about the new Club 50 offer as against the previous Club 55 offering by
First and others.

He said that Abellio's Club 50  is designed to encourage even more people to
use off-peak travel by lowering the age limit and also offering it on every
day, unlike its predecessor.  It is envisaged that a 20% discount will be
offered to passengers who book on-line and 10% discount to those who "walk
up on the day".

However, the detail is still being worked on and it is expected that more
information about the Club 50 product will be launched in the near future.

Other points that were to be raised will be forwarded to Iain by e-mail for
his response.

All present were thanked for their attendance and participation.


After the meeting RAGES researched more information about the length of the
East Linton and Reston platforms being limited to 4-car sets.

In the study carried out by Scott Wilson in 2004, it shows maps of proposed
station sites with platform lengths for both stations being 180m and the
text in the report stating that the platforms should be of sufficient length
for 8-car sets.

This study was followed up by the STAG 2, in which there is the following

"3.5.12 This point is recognised in Network Rail's Route Utilisation
Strategy Generation 2 for Scotland (June 2011) which acknowledges that
crowding will become more of a problem on some North Berwick services by
2019 under their 'high-peak' scenario.  The RUS considered two scenarios in
. extension of the single daily current Prestonpans service to Drem; and .
switching from four car units to three / six car units.  Current platform
lengths will not accommodate '2*4' car or '3+4' car formations and a range
of formations were considered, although it is noted that selective door
opening would still be required.

"The recommendation was to keep rolling stock policy under review."

RAGES would advise that Abellio be asked what formation of the new AT200
units they intend to run between Edinburgh and Berwick, if this project goes
ahead, before the final specification of platform lengths is defined.

Russell Darling

Rail Action Group, East of Scotland


Website of Reston & Auchencrow Community Council