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Reston Riverside Project

The Company is made up from volunteers, all using their spare time to make the Riverside an area for people to enjoy.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the many tasks that are required each year to maintain the Riverside, Please get in touch if you can spare a little time.

Please also watch this space for news and events down at the Riverside, you can also support us on the Facebook page, Reston Riverside Project. see above 

Dear All                                                                                   Date 29/03/2020

Covid – 19 Coronavirus

Dear Users

Due to the Coronavirus we have been instructed to close the playpark climbing equipment. As of the 26/02/2020 Scottish Borders Council closed All playparks in the Borders.

We therefore wish to inform you that following guidelines set by the UK Government in tackling the spread of the Coronavirus the play equipment SHOULD NOT BE USED.

 As we cannot supply a source of washing facilities it is advised that you do not use the equipment for fear of spread of contamination. Nor is it possible for us to sterilise the equipment after use.

Due to the nature and design of the play equipment, it is not possible to lockdown the equipment,  so we entrust you to use your common sense and adhere to the guidelines.

You may still use the Riverside Walk as a means of exercise and please look out for the Ladybirds, Spiders and Fairy doors.

We thank you kindly for your continued co-operation. STAY SAFE.

Kind regards


J. Logan Inglis


Reston Community Company Ltd

The November Clean Up.

Thanks for all the helpers, we accomplished quite a lot. Some dead trees replaced, Some new shrubs planted,Hedges and fruit trees pruned but most importantly for the children a 'Willow Den' was created, see pictures below. 

Many thanks to all the people that attended the Duck Race and all the people that helped out on the day. Special thanks to Reston provisions for selling the ducks leading up to the race and special thanks to the Cedar Cafe for the kind donation of the Burgers and Buns.

Below is some pictures taken on the day.

Riverside Pictures 

      THE 'BIG DIG'

Getting a Big 'Trowels Up' on completion of the planting.

Some of the P 1's and P 2's from Reston primary school with Logan Inglis  (Reston Community Company LTD) receiving the naming plaque from Stephen Adlard (Scottish Agricultural College)  This wood is now registered as 'Inglewood'

Below work started on the New play equipment, the community company asked users of the play equipment "what would you like to see down here" an additional piece of equipment that younger children can use was the answer, the company applied to the community council for some funding and was successful in receiving funds to cover the costs of installing a 'Basket Swing' suitable for All ages.

A special thanks goes to some local people Ken and Hugh both helped out with their tractors, Ken to get the play equipment company and their tools down to the riverside and then Hugh to take their tools away as by the time they had finished work the river had started to rise and was only accessible by tractor. Cheers guys.

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