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The Resilient Group of both Reston and Auchencrow, latest news release.

Please see the latest from SBC 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Food and Financial shortcuts and information

Please see website links to the UK GOV for the latest updates and the Scot Gov website.

Please see Facebook page below to Reston and Auchencrow community Larder. We are here to help. Just Ask.

Reston and Auchencrow community larder

Today the community council Resilient Group delivered over 200 Easter Eggs to the Reston and Auchencrow villages and surrounding areas.

Not everyone has the internet and it was important to get the message out there to the communities, of the help that is available at this time.

Armed  with an informative Easter Card and an Easter Egg, led by Katie and her mother Kerry alongside other Resilient members and volunteers, over 200 eggs were distributed to the 'Self-Isolating' and vulnerable as well as all other residents.

Many residents were both extremely happy and grateful for the card and the Easter egg, some took to replying by email straight away thanking the group and offering volunteer support.

Below is the exert taken from the Facebook page.

Feeling proud of my brilliant, thoughtful daughter Katie Simmonds who has helped Reston & Auchencrow resilience team to deliver 200 eggs to families and people in shielding/ self-isolating. Thanks also to a fantastic team of volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you Logan Inglis and Dawn Inglis Jan stringer, Denise crerar,Torr Lizzy and Steve whitehead, Jo Moulin and Rob Robertson. We have brought a little bit of joy to our villages today as well as giving them important information about how to contact our resilience group at
A massive thank you to Morrison’s Berwick upon Tweed and Tesco Berwick upon Tweed for your kind donation of Easter eggs.
If anyone in the village or surrounding area needs help you know how to Contact us, keep your Easter cards safe as they have all the contact details in them.

Please see the latest from Eyemouth Community Council Facebook page.

Eyemouth Community Council.

    Come Monday a few new systems will lighten the load for the team.
This means we can follow up on some requests from outside of Eyemouth.
We already do orders to co-path and Grantshouse.
So from Monday 6th April 10am-3pm please call
01890 752105 and someone will man the community centre phone line.
This is a separate number to other numbers available for Eyemouth to ensure no mix ups with local orders.

We can get your shopping, pay for shopping and the Co-op will deliver. Various payment options available so please if your stuck in don’t go without. Give the number a call.

I have also been asking SBC for cooks to help add support to the meals for the elders in our communities. Talks are ongoing but we hope to be able to offer meals to those mostly in need by the middle of next week in the surrounding areas. Logan Inglis from Reston will be helping with local knowledge so nobody gets missed out.

We also hope from Monday to be able to help get to the much needed and help from the local authority (SBC) for those who qualify for help from them.

Today we have placed self adhesive stickers in the shop. These stickers are to be stuck on the outside of your house so people, delivery drivers and others can see that you are 'Self Isolating'.Please take only one per household, there is insufficient for more than one.

Please note we have opened up the Reston Riverside Project Facebook page, so anyone can contact, make suggestions or seek help in this present clmate.

Facebook is  presently the quickest way to deliver messages.

Reston Riverside Project 

Reston Riverside Project

Dear Resident

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

The Community Council and the Resilience Group of both Reston and Auchencrow have been meeting to discuss how best to support the community during these uncertain times.

The Community Council is using the UK Government website below to get the latest information with daily updates.

We live in a small community where we have generally known our neighbours for a good many years. Now is the time to be a little more neighbourly considering the circumstances that lie ahead.

Should you need to ‘Self-Isolate’ please let someone know in the neighbourhood.

Do Not go to your local Doctors Surgery, Hospital or Pharmacy, instead you can contact NHS via their website for more information or phone 111 only if your health deteriorates. A free helpline has been set up for people who do not have symptoms but are looking for general advice: 0800 028 2816. 

Should you need help to order food online or are running out of prescription medication - please ask a neighbour or someone else in the community for help.

Thank you and take care.

Reston and Auchencrow Community Council Resilience Group


BCSP Berwickshire Community Safety Panel, representing the people of Berwickshire in all matters of safety. This panel made up from community councillors, Police, Fire service and members from Berwickshire Housing Association. We hold bi-monthly meetings to discuss matters of safety pertaining to the communities. We have supplied local organisations, schools and groups with Hi-Vis vests, carbon monoxide alarms, Personal attack alarms and safeguarding literature on scams, Fire prevention Cold Callers.

If you would like more information on the panel or you have a concern on matters of safety, you can contact them here through their Facebook  page. you can also contact them through the contact page on the home page of this site.

Working together with:


  • Scottish Borders Council

  • Police Scotland

  • Scottish Fire and Rescue

  • Mountain Rescue

  • NHS Borders


Resilient Communities


The initiative helps communities develop expertise and put in place Resilient Community Plans which will make them better prepared to cope with emergencies, in a way which compliments the response of emergency responders. See an example of a Resilient Community plan.


These plans are implemented by Resilient Community Teams - groups of volunteers who have joined together in local areas to assist in emergency situations.


Scottish Borders Council provide assistance with set up, the development of plans, appropriate insurance cover, basic manual equipment (such as snow shovels, square shovels, safety equipment etc). First aid training is also provided free of charge by the British Red Cross.


If you would like more information about the initiative please contact the Emergency Planning team online or by calling 0300 100 1800. 


The Scottish Government now has a Face Book page on Resilince and weather updates, this can be found here-

What are the benefits of Resilient Communities?


Local community councils and individuals who are prepared and able to respond effectively can deal with local issues such as:


  • Clearing snow from pathways of people who are unable to do it themselves

  • Placing sandbags in risk areas to prevent flooding

  • Placing domestic flood gates into position

  • Delivering supplies during severe weather to those most in need

  • Providing hot meals within community centres/village halls

  • Reston and Auchencrow have over 20 members signed up to their Resilient Plan. We have equipment to deal with snow and flooding. We are always looking for additional members to assist our community, please get in touch.

Scottish Borders Alert


Scottish Borders Alert (SBAlert) Community Messaging System

SB Alert is an online, secure, two-way community messaging system that allows authorised administrators to send dynamic and up-to-date messages to Resilient Communities groups, Neighbourhood Watches and other interested members of the community. 


The system is designed to put you in touch with the people and services that matter to you.Messages are sent by email, telephone or text message by a range of approved information providers including Scottish Borders Council (SBC), Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, and NHS Borders. 


You will receive alerts about severe weather, crime and community safety issues in your area (e.g. bogus callers, metal or farm thefts).  The SBAlert system enables public sector agencies to work with the Resilient Communities groups and others in a new, efficient and secure manner.

Below is some useful web links.

Traffic Scotland, showing road cameras in Scotland.




Trunk Road Gritters showing Gritter tracking.

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