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Reston Special visit 30/04/2021

Today Reston provided rest and recooperation for the travellers from the RBLI. 

Coincidence or is it fate, whilst I was assisting in the village hall today a traveller (scout for the RBLI) came and asked whether his team travelling from the North and heading South, could use the toilet facilities in the village hall. To which we replied of course not a problem, the scout noticed I was sporting a 'Tommy' lapel badge and asked about the badge, to which I replied my role on the community council and our connection to the RBLI.

The scout Stuart, then went on to explain the reason for the visit and their intentions of travelling all the way down to Kent, to commemorate VE Day.

After several minutes of talking I was asked for a photo of the team and a chance to meet the travellers, to which I was all to happy to oblige, when asked for a location I mentioned the Reston flagpole, presently flying the Union Jack.

The coincidence goes on, only this morning two 'Tommy' Planters were placed under the flagpole as a further mark of our support to the Roya Brittish Legion and veterans of the armed forces. Some good pictures were taken by their press officer and myself below.

On Thursday 29th April Team Tommy, comprised of 8 dedicated individuals led by RBLI’s own Chief Executive, Brigadier Steve Sherry CMG OBE, will take Tommy on an 800 mile journey across the length and breadth of the country. Starting at Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. in Erskine, the team will cycle and run their way through some of the UK’s most iconic WW2 sites and military bases before finally reaching Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. in Aylesford on Saturday 8th May – just in time for RBLI’s VE Day celebrations.

Some of the team below.

Here you can see the New planters with daffodils almost ready to bloom.

The support crew and entourage 

The tour details on the side of one of the support vehicles.

Thanks goes to Ken Barrett our voulunteer flag flyer and also Planter guardian and James Inglis for his support in supplying the land that we use for all the planters and the flagpole that they sit upon as well as supplying us with the flag that was flying today. James also supplied all the hot water for the teams teas/coffees.


Members of the community and visitors helped out in cleaning Reston Village.

Every Year both Reston and Auchencrow villages carryout an annual Spring Clean as part of the 'Keep Scotland Beautiful' campaign.

This year there was over 20 volunteers that helped in Reston village. Road verges and green spaces were cleared of rubbish mainly consisting of discarded take away meal packaging 'M' These were found mostly on the entrance to Reston off the A1. It is disappointing to note that this is not the rubbish created by residents of Reston but by people travelling through or past.

The volunteers were thanked with a Bacon roll and for the small ones an Easter Egg- Reston thanks these people for turning out and keeping our streets clean.

Below is a couple of pictures taken showing the vast amount of rubbish collected from both villages and some of the helpers in Reston.


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