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Community Benefit, how we can help you to help others.

Below is some funding opportunities. 

If you have an idea, or suggestion or you want to start a New group or revise an old group, then come and speak to one of your community councillors, or simply just message us on the contact page. We will tell you all about what we have to offer and how we can help you.

Wind Farm Community Benefits  
Applications to the Drone Hill Wind Farm can be applied for online here, please see below.
The wind farm is owned and maintained by Greencoat UK Wind. Foundation Scotland administers the community benefit fund on their behalf.
Information to the fund can be found on the website, application forms and guidelines with minutes and summary details can be viewed also. 
Applications are now Open
 for funding, decisions on applications will be heard in November 2024. 

Reston and Auchencrow community is represented on the Drone Hill Advisory panel. The advisory panel is made up of community council members and residents from the two communities, Reston and Auchencrow. For further details, please contact the community council via submitting a 'contact form' or speaking to one of your community councillors.

Below is the summary sheet detailing awards this year so far.

Spring Application Deadline Sunday 3rd March 2024
Autumn Application Deadline Sunday 8th September 2024

R.E.S. Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (Penmanshiel Wind Farm) Community Benefit Fund.

Annually we will receive the minimum amount of £11,480 for the next 25 years.

This fund will be administered through the community council, primarily this fund will be used to enhance the communities of Reston and Auchencrow.  Following a strict code of guidelines we aim to fund items in the 'Wish List' which was created by you members of the community. New ideas/suggestions are always welcome please contact us with your idea, you can contact any community Councillor, come to a meeting or use the contact page on the website. An application form can be downloaded here, please pay particular attention to the guidelines on the reverse of the form. 

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